What are the characteristics of glass edging machine equipment

by:Enkong     2021-12-31

What are the characteristics of glass edging machine equipment? Glass edging machine equipment is one of the machines we usually use, so do you know what features does it have? Today, the editor of our glass edging machine equipment will answer for you, and then the editor will lead everyone to take a look Bar.

1. The grinding head motor of the glass edging machine equipment is a direct worker for grinding glass, and its accuracy requirements are also very high. The better equipment motor of the glass edging machine is ABB motor.

2. The flatness of the splint behind the glass edger equipment must be controlled within 0.02mm to ensure the straightness of the beveling machine.

3. The front and rear beams, bases, and columns of the glass edging machine must be cast parts. The welded parts have poor rigidity and are easy to deform.

4. Chain transmission is better for the transmission mode of glass edging machine equipment, because of the bearing transmission machine, the bearing is easy to enter water and the glass powder is easy to wear, and the maintenance cost is very high.

5. The simpler the structure of the glass glass edging machine, the fewer the transition links and the smaller the cumulative error.

The above are the five characteristics of glass edging machine equipment. If you understand whether its features are more conducive to your use of glass glass edging machine equipment, if you feel that these are not enough, you still want to continue To know some knowledge about glass edging machine equipment, you can call us. Let us serve you better.

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