What are the characteristics of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-03

In the process of glass production, the application of glass glass cutting machine is a very important equipment, and related links deserve more attention. Currently, cutting glass is less efficient, as is manual cutting glass. Therefore, it is necessary to use special equipment. Next, the editor will take you to understand the features of the device, the details are as follows:

The glass cutting machine includes a cutting box and a base, and the base is equipped with a servo motor. The side of the base is provided with the waste box, the base, the top runner, the runner on the conveyor belt, and the observation window, numerical control system and parameters for cutting the outer surface of the cutting box. In the input area there are cutting knives for horizontal cutting axis, vertical cutting axis, rotary axis and bottom rotary axis.

The width of the conveyor belt 1 is greater than the width of the conveyor belt 2, the rotation range of the rotating shaft is 0-360°, the conveyor belt 1 passes through the cutting box and is in contact with the conveyor belt 2, and the observation window is made of tempered steel with good strength. Made of glass.

The glass glass cutting machine can be adjusted by the numerical control system of glass cutting size, and can be realized by shaft cutting, arc cutting, straight cutting, oblique cutting, etc., such as manual replacement of glass plates, conveyor belt conveyors, etc. , Automatically cut waste, recyclable, reduce costs and reduce manpower. If you have any need in this regard, please feel free to call us!

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