What are the advantages of automatic glass Chamfering machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-10
is one of the products. has gradually become automated in recent years, and now it has been greatly improved compared with the previous glass beveling machine, and now the technology of producing glass Chamfering machine is developing rapidly. 1. The processed glass can be directly processed after opening the boundary, and it does not need to be chamfered after the double-edge machine has been separately ground; 2. No need for professional operators, CNC fully automatic operation; 3. It can process Glass of various shapes, which is very good for business market expansion. 4. The grinding wheel of the full-automatic glass processing center is automatically compensated and repaired. Automatic compensation: for example, grinding a circle consumes 0. 1 Silk, the grinding wheel consumes 0. 1 wire, the system will automatically compensate 0. 1 wire to ensure the accuracy of the ground product. Automatic Repair: the groove of the grinding wheel will be deeper and deeper when the glass is ground. It will grind to the surface of the glass. In order to avoid this situation, the grinding wheel should be repaired in time to make the groove smaller. For example, if it is set to automatically repair 20 pieces of glass, it will automatically run to the place where the polishing wheel is repaired after each 20 pieces of glass are ground during the processing. After that, the technology of producing glass Chamfering Machines will certainly be improved to a greater extent, so the manufacturers and companies that produce glass Chamfering Machines now have some increase compared with the previous ones, there are relatively good manufacturers and companies of glass Chamfering Machines. However, in the subsequent production and production, manufacturers and companies will definitely make the glass beveling machine easier and easier to operate, and the probability of the automatic appearing in the market will definitely increase, because the market is very large, it is normal for products to have different changes.
Anyone who has seen the latest glass machine manufacturer glass machine in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
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