Utilization of the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-05-03
Glass there are three main types: laminated glass, toughened glass, and area of toughened glass, they can withstand the impact of the strong, often need to use the automatic cutting machine in the process of glass processing, small make up will go to the next introduced the use of automatic glass cutting machine is the case. Traditional automatic cutting machine cutting depth adjustment is more tedious, seriously affected the cutting machine is convenient to use, such traditional automatic cutting machine when clamping glass generally have no protection function, easy to cause damage to the glass, when holding a traditional automatic cutting machine generally use narrow range, to the use of the people has brought great difficulties. Automatic glass cutting machine including device ontology, storeroom, cutting beams, wire cover, screw, beams framework, the wall outside the piece at the end of the beam frame to install the control panel, set in the center of the beams frame at the top of the lateral cavity, the lateral cavity installed at the end of the motor and the input end of the motor are connected to the control panel, the output of the internal microcontroller and the electrical connection. Screw through the hinged support bearing in motor side horizontal cavity, one end of the screw by the output of the coupling and motor fixed connection, horizontal cavity in front of the threaded connection and feed screw nut, feed at the bottom of the nut frame and screw thread adjusting threaded connections.
An increasing dependence on the use of glass machine glass processing machines has made numerous changes in the glass machine manufacturer industry over the past decades.
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