Utility model content of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-30

The glass glass cutting machine includes a grasping device, a cutting table arranged at the feeding end of the grasping device, a cutter set on the cutting table, and a feeding device arranged on the cutting table. The cutting table is arranged in front of the feeding device, The driving device and the operating table are arranged at the discharge end of the cutting table; the grabbing device is completed by a pneumatic suction cup, and the feeding device driven by the driving device is arranged on the cutting table.

The automatic reclaiming and feeding are completed by the mechanical device, which has a high degree of automation, saves working time and improves work efficiency. Control, simple structure, high control accuracy.

In the process of glass production and processing, glass cutting is to cut and reprocess the glass blank, and cut the larger peeling into the required shape and size. Before cutting, place the glass blank first. On the workbench, the cutter is used for cutting, which has a low degree of automation and low work efficiency.

The grasping device includes a bearing shaft set on the frame, a roller set on the bearing shaft, a suction cup shaft set on the frame, a pneumatic suction cup set on the suction cup shaft, the suction cup shaft and the rotating shaft Fixed connection, the rotating shaft is connected with the rotating motor, and both the rotating shaft and the rotating motor are arranged on the lifting seat.

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