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Using laminated glass furnace operation method

by:Enkong     2021-06-02
Laminated glass furnace is a kind of highly efficient energy-saving glass, high-grade laminated glass equipment, the equipment adopts the new type of Eva film will together two or more pieces of glass composite, using vacuum bag ( The silicone belt) , by means of high temperature heating while extracting vacuum glass and Eva film thermal bonding together, at the same time produce safety laminated glass. The laminated glass has high strength, waterproof, security, and many other advantages. The working principle of the equipment are: vacuum bag under the condition of heating and vacuum, glass and EVA film ( Also called EN film) Thermal bonding together, that is, form the safety laminated glass. Following a brief introduction of laminated glass furnace operation method: 1, close to clean the glass with chopped vea good film close, in the silica gel inside the bag, and better ones laminated glass can be stacked layers, for guarding against small mobile can fold glass with duct tape around a fixed good, can use square corners of heat-resistant adhesive plaster. 2, vacuum room temperature glass placed around the convenience of vacuum exhaust gauze, in the vacuum value to 0. 095 mpa cold smoke 5 minutes under normal temperature, emptying air of silica gel bags. 3, keep the general heat to the glass surface temperature 50 ℃ - 20-60 ℃, holding time 30 minutes; Then continue heating to the glass surface temperature of 130 ℃ - 45-135 ℃, holding time 60 minutes, or close layer of film thickness increases, can be appropriately extended holding time. Cooling in cooling phase 4, laminated glass, vacuum needs to keep, you can use the fan cooling. 5, glass out to prevent dislocation laminated glass and laminated glass shape, glass temperature falls below 60 degrees - out in laminated glass equipment Laminated glass equipment factory - home Price - laminated glass equipment Laminated glass equipment - Laminated glass furnace
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