Using glass edge grinding machine for dust removal work include

by:Enkong     2021-04-28
Use glass edge grinding machine for dust removal work includes what. We are to use glass edge grinding machine, glass edge grinding machine of dust removal work what, underneath explain to everyone using glass edge grinding machine for dust removal of what work involves. 1. Including the outlet pipe, water jet, scattering baffle and pressurizer, which the port of discharge pipe and water spray nozzle connection, water jet has a small nozzle. 2. Scattering baffles are set in front of the water jet and by adjusting is fixed on the outlet pipe, outlet pipe of the piping installation pressurizer. Adjust the piece is composed of adjusting bolt and a fixed plate, a fixed plate installed on the outlet pipe weeks side, the ends of the fixed plate by adjusting bolt and scattering baffles are connected into one. 3. Pressurizer can be a booster pump or valve, in order to make the water pressure of water pipe outflow water jet mouth formed when high speed water flow, high speed water met in front of the scattering baffles are split into fog droplets, after has the advantages of low cost, strong practicability. Above the glass edge grinding machine is used for dust removal work including what. Hope can help to you, you want to learn more knowledge can continue to focus on our website, also can contact us, we will answer for you.
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