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Used in the high strength glass processing in glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-05-05
Used for high strength glass processing and glass cutting machine including base, the base is equipped with vertical guide rod and the workbench, vertical guide rod is equipped with vertical guide groove, vertical guide groove hang at one end of the horizontal guide rod, the transverse guide rod connected to the vertical push-pull cylinder, horizontal guide rod on a horizontal guide groove, transverse guide groove with the slider. Slide block and horizontal push-pull cylinder connections, slider and cutting fixed connection rod and motor, cutting at the end of the rod is cutting head, the cutting position has a rotating sleeve rod and rotating sleeve through the belt connected to the motor shaft. Rotating sleeve including inner sleeve of the inner ring and outer coat ring, ring thimble and coat has filled in cotton wool, inner sleeve ring is equipped with a circular cavity, thimble in the lateral wall equipped with circular cavity connected the leaking hole. Use, glass is placed on the work table, adjust the position of the cutting head including through vertical push-pull cylinders make cutting head movement in the vertical direction, and through the horizontal push-pull air cylinder to move in a horizontal cutting head, the work, move through the horizontal push-pull cylinders drive the cutting head, the implementation of glass cutting.
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