Use linear glass edge grinding machine safety operation

by:Enkong     2021-04-27
Use linear glass edge grinding machine of several safety operation, for the straight line of glass edge grinding machine operation is we need to master certain skills, so security is still can not be ignored, healthy living environment is that we very seriously, now we have below small make up to share with you about use linear glass edge grinding machine problem, believe that once we can understand better to do a good job of protection, a more healthy life. Glass edge grinding machine itself should set button switch control, brake distance from the equipment is not more than 3 m, so that in the event of a failure quickly cut off power supply. Grinding wheels must be in conformity with the specifications of qualified products, the quality of the grinding wheel directly affects the quality of the glass, the import of grinding wheel for excellent, there are also some domestic grinding wheel is of good quality. Selecting a manufacturer careful contrast. Safety protection device to complete and effective. The thickness of the glass must be mechanical machining range of design, size not too small or too large, glass shelves must be flat and level. In; Transmission parts must be set shield. Best during the processing glass glass and glass respectively before and after each one. This can guarantee the speed and safety operation. The long glass, two people cooperate with operation. Operation, laid hands on him when he has to stay outside the glass more than 20 cm shelf can according to the material: material after don't yank, should cooperate with feed. Need to back to the material, glass to complete after leaving the wheel back again, operation is not too early, to prevent damaged glass grinding wheel. Need grinding wheel and check the maintenance, must be a switch power, after being completely stop running, and then to work. Use linear glass edge grinding machine of several security operation is of certain influence to this is our life, we need to master this similar situation, to talk about the above content by our company, if you want to know more about linear glass edge grinding machine of several safety operation information, welcome to login website inquiry! Our company low price, models complete, worth you choose.
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