Types of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-01

Glass edging machine is one of the industrial equipment that is early and widely used in glass deep processing machinery and equipment. In recent years, with the continuous development trend and growth of the glass deep processing industry chain, there are more and more types and specifications of glass edging machines, and the technology is getting better and better, and the functions are becoming more and more comprehensive. The key to the glass edging machine is as follows:

1. Double-arm special-shaped edging machine (commonly called special-shaped machine or double-arm machine)

Double The arm shaped edging machine can grind straight edges, flat edges, duckbills, and circular arcs; it can grind ring-shaped product workpieces, as well as oval and special-shaped product workpieces. The copying is used on a single glass suction cup, and a special-shaped machine can be used to grind some irregular product workpieces. Its structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is more cost-effective. Generally, domestic mobile phones can be purchased for about 20,000 yuan, but the technical standards for operators are relatively high, so the labor cost is relatively expensive.

2. Parallel line edging machine

Parallel line glass edging machine has three characteristics: First, the main purpose is relatively single, only grinding various parallel lines Edge; second is sustainable grinding, with high productivity; third, photovoltaic glass with large specifications can be ground.

Parallel line edging machine is an edging machine with many types, specifications and models among various edging machines. According to the different parallel line edges that can be ground, it can be divided into parallel line edging machines. , Parallel line circle, parallel line arc machine three kinds.

3. Imitating shape edging machine

Imitating shape edging machine uses stencil to accurately position, can grind the straight edge and round of ring or special-shaped glass Edges, duckbills, arcs, etc. The appearance of the glass polished by this type of edging machine depends on the template, with uniform specifications and high productivity. This type of model is suitable for the production of very few types of glass processing, but the production of large quantities of very large glass processing, but if there are many types of production, it is not suitable to choose this type of machinery and equipment, because the copy edging machine is polished by the template For different glass shapes, a template needs to be made, so the cost of making a template is also very high.

4. Cylindrical edging machine

The characteristics of the internal cylindrical machine are simple structure, high quality and low price, but the main purpose is relatively single, and the key is suitable Near the production processing circle.

5. Parallel line multilateral edging machine

The characteristic of parallel line multilateral edging machine is that it can additionally grind two opposite sides of glass for processing The precision is good, the production efficiency is high, and it is suitable for a large number of glass edging production and manufacturing. Multilateral ball mills can be divided into large, medium and small and large and medium-sized according to the total width of the glass. Those with a large grinding width of less than 2 meters are called medium, medium and small polygonal ball mills. The total width of the large grinding is 2 meters. And the ones above 2 meters are called large and medium-sized multilateral ball mills. The grinding wheels are equipped with 16, 20, 22 grinding wheels, etc. Large and medium-sized polygonal ball mills are generally computer-controlled, with a high degree of automation technology, and are suitable for grinding large-sized photovoltaic glass.

6. Automatic special-shaped edging machine

The automatic special-shaped edging machine is composed of industrial equipment and CNC machine tools and is used in production and processing. The high-efficiency of the product workpiece is the automatic technology CNC lathe. The whole production and processing line is controlled by the computer's intelligent control system. The cylinder is used for precise positioning and fixed glass. The process of glass edging, rounding and grinding and polishing is completed at one time. , The level of automation technology is high. This equipment has significant advantages in displaying information on the production and processing of various special-shaped glasses. The more complicated the glass, the more obvious the advantages of production and processing. The processing accuracy must be higher than the above 5 models. Therefore, this model is more suitable for the production and processing of high-quality glass products.

The above are the types of glass edging machines. If there are more types and total number of edging machines to be purchased, it is better to use the same manufacturer. Since that is much more convenient for future manufacturing, management methods, maintenance, etc., and because it is purchased in large quantities, you can get a lot of special benefits in terms of prices and service items.

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