Two-way movement of glass cutting machine used in glass industry

by:Enkong     2021-01-05
At present, the glass industry related cutting machine is mainly used in automobiles, household appliances, glass, and other fields, most of them adopt static table placed glass, glass cutting tools to move, the horizontal and vertical and vertical error is mutually exclusive operation, this will affect the cutting precision of the small make up take you to understand what the two-way mobile glass cutting machine used in glass industry. Two-way movement of two-way movement of glass cutting machine, glass cutting machine cutting workbench for handling glass, cutting tools for cutting glass, lateral movement mechanism and longitudinal motion, motion on lateral and longitude directions institutions located in same side frame, lateral movement mechanism and the longitudinal motion perpendicular to the cutting work platform may be connected horizontal motion mechanism for vertical sliding motion mechanism, the cutting tool slide connection. Cutting workbench fixed connection with at least one suction cups, framework includes a base and two installed on the base and pillar of separated from each other, at both ends of the transverse mobile mechanism are respectively installed on the two pillars, the longitudinal mobile mechanism is installed on the base, the longitudinal mobile mechanism between the two columns. Vertical and horizontal motion mechanism motion mechanism not only exercise at the same time, and the accuracy of horizontal displacement and vertical displacement adjustment is mutually exclusive, greatly improve the machining precision of the processed glass, cutting tool and the processed glass at the same time shift at the same time, improve the production efficiency.
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