Two structural forms of CNC glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-18
Compared with the traditional glass edging machine, the numerical control glass edging machine has more advantages in application, and both the edging speed and quality are faster and more secure than the traditional glass edging machine. There are two main structural types of numerical control glass edging machines, namely glass non-rotating edging machines and glass rotating edging machines. The glass non-rotating Edger has two linear shafts. Usually, the glass is fixed on the worktable with a vacuum suction cup, and the center track of the grinding wheel is fed by two linear shafts. The glass rotary edging machine has a rotating shaft and a linear shaft. The glass is fixed on the workbench with a specific fixture, and then driven by the rotating shaft to do the rotary motion, the grinding wheel is driven by a linear shaft to make a linear feed, and the center track of the grinding wheel is usually composed of a linear shaft and a rotating shaft. The two types of CNC glass edging machines with different structures have different working principles, each has its own characteristics, and of course has its own shortcomings, it is recommended that you choose the best time to choose according to actual needs to ensure the good effect of glass edging.
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