Two reasons why the glass edging machine is hot and trips during operation

by:Enkong     2021-12-31

There are two reasons why the glass glass edging machine is hot and trips during operation. The motor of the glass edging machine is always hot and trips during the operation. Consumers of glass machinery have encountered this situation, so this How is the phenomenon caused? Make the following two maintenance suggestions:

1. Smell the motor first to see if there is a big burnt smell. If there is, then it can basically be concluded that it is due to the motor of the glass edging machine. Tripping caused by short circuit is not uncommon in glass edging machines. Please remove the motor for inspection and repair, or replace it with a new one.

Second, if the motor problem is ruled out, then there is a very likely cause that the transmission device of the glass edging machine is not smooth, which causes the motor load to increase, generates heat and eventually trips. This phenomenon requires thorough inspection of the transmission device of the glass edging machine to find out the problem. If it is only due to dust and other reasons, then clean it up and apply some lubricating oil. If the transmission device is damaged, then it must be repaired or repaired. Replace it. We compete with quality, develop with strength, survive with credibility, and create a good reputation for trading with the business philosophy of exchange of sincerity for cooperation.

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