To be able to cut the glass cutter is how to use

by:Enkong     2021-05-04
Laminated glass is composed of two or more glass, sandwich in one layer or layers of organic polymer, glass and laminated membrane by high temperature and pressure or vacuum, high temperature and high pressure processing, the integration of binding for composite glass products, glass cutting machine is used to machine equipment. Slider on the installed on the rack, slide on the slippery course and connection, on the cutter device and on fixed wheel device installed on the slide rail, slide rail connection through the slippery course to install, incised knife device installed in the lower device, and made a round cutter device and incised on the knife device, set the wheel on the device and make corresponding wheel device. On cutter device and incised knife device has the same structure, they all include a fixed box, guide bar connection on the fixed plate on one side of the box, guide position has a spring plate and between the casing and the guide, driver and cutting knife is connected to the guide. Framework for rectangular parallelepiped box structure, rectangular parallelepiped box body is equipped with oblique cross arrangement of reinforcing plate, a rectangular parallelepiped box corners are equipped with weight from foot to foot, rectangular parallelepiped lateral baffle box.
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