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Three kinds of glass interlayer bubble analysis

by:Enkong     2021-04-20
1. Thermally polymerized laminated glass    Thermally polymerized laminated glass produces bubbles during the production process, which is often encountered. There is generally no good solution. In response to this situation, the engineer of the glass edging machine believes that the laminated glass that produces bubbles is directly fed into the autoclave, heated and pressurized, and the bubbles are eliminated as a whole. 2. Dry-process flat laminated glass    Laminated bubbles mostly appear in tempered laminated glass. Due to the deformation of tempered glass during glass quenching, a large amount of unevenness appears on the surface of the glass. The general solution is to thicken the PVB film. However, due to the difference between the thermal conductivity of the glass and the PVB, the edges of the glass are first bonded with the PVB film, making it difficult for the bubbles in the laminated glass to escape, resulting in a lot of waste. The solution is: spray PVB film with silicone oil to solve this problem. 3. Dry hot-bent laminated glass Dry hot-bent laminated glass is mainly used for automobile front windshield. Previously, the production process was complicated and the cost was too high. The pre-heating and pre-pressing process is absolutely indispensable. It is used with silicone strips and pre-heated. Vacuum is very troublesome, and the yield is not high. The solution is: fix the rubber strip and glass with special clamps and send them directly into the autoclave, which saves labor, reduces costs, and greatly improves the yield.

Nowadays, the adoption of glass machine in glass processing machines industry is quite common.
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