This paper introduces the function of automatic sphere shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-08
Currently, used to cut irregularly shaped glass cutting machine is usually used for cutting flat glass, and for auto glass mirror, mirror and other artifacts, glass itself exists artifacts have radian, ordinary flat glass cutting machine can't cut, and the use of manual cutting way there exists a low working efficiency, obvious problems, such as product quality cannot be guaranteed. The utility model provides a way to improve the work efficiency, cutting precision and quality of the products of the spherical shaped glass cutting machine, in order to avoid the flaws of the existing technology, it includes, stand device and electric control system of the workbench, the structure characteristic is has the same as the arc workpiece spherical stents and curved guide rail, spherical arc guide rail and bracket coaxial arrangement. Curve rail by connecting plate installed on the spindle, sliding block can slide along the guide rail surface arc guide rail is set in the arc, used to install the cutter knife with sliding seat connected, coaxial with the workpiece between spherical stents and arc guide template, cutting tool move through the inner edge of the template. Automatic sphere shaped glass cutting machine according to the spherical shape of cutting the workpiece, set the spherical guide frame and the circular arc, and USES the template, have made it possible to spherical glass cutting mechanization, greatly improving the work efficiency, improve the cutting accuracy, improve the quality of products.
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