The working process of the automatic glass cutting machine parts

by:Enkong     2021-01-07
Automatic glass cutting machine: the raw glass in the form of a vacuum adsorption, can adsorption at any position in the work table, qigong can automatically work surface adsorption, wind suction; Presetting cutter wheel life due to remind and target production completed automatically stop; With cutting parameter database, use, digital set pressure of the cutting tools to be obtained at any time, ensure the quality of cutting; When the cutting speed is adjustable, arc automatically adjust the pressure and velocity; The machine adopts imported servo system and screw guide rail, high precision, fast speed, high capacity; Automatic oil supply system under the knife when cutting oil, only tiny drops to the cutting line, glass surface no residue superfluous kerosene or cut aid, for easy cleaning; System comes with a variety of glass cutting graphics, automatic typesetting, automatic memory of graphics and layout ( No limit) , a ( With a piece of glass) Can cut a variety of sizes and reducing waste of raw materials; Pressure control precision of the cutting tools gentle, suitable for cutting thin to 0. 10 mm thick ultra-thin glass; Has to break off the table top to wood, set with 5 mm thick black carpet, wear-resisting durable, bottom have fan blowing air from Shanghai to mesa air bearing hole, needed to break off pieces of glass can be floating in mesa, break a little glass can turn freely, greatly facilitate the operator to break off the piece of work, improve work efficiency.
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