The utility model content of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-05-16
Glass cutting machine including the gripping device, set on the gripping device feed end cutting machine, set up on the cutting tool, set up on the cutting table feed device, cutting machine set in front of the feeding device, driving device and work station is set in the discharge end of the cutting machine; Gripping device work by the pneumatic suction cups, feed unit driven by a drive device is set in the cutting table. By mechanical device to complete automatic feeding and the feeding, high degree of automation, save the working time, improve work efficiency, transformation on the wheel in contact with the conveyor belt, the location of the transformation on the wheel by cylinder control, simple structure, high control accuracy. In the process of glass production and processing, glass cutting is carried out on the glass blank cutting and reprocessing, the larger debris cut into the required shape and size, before cutting, the first working glass blank on the stage, with a cutting tool, the low degree of automation, low working efficiency. Gripping device including setting on the frame, set on the bearing shaft roller bearing shaft, set on the frame of chuck axis, set on the shaft of the suction cup pneumatic chuck, chuck axis and rotation axis fixed connection, the rotating shaft connected with a rotary motor, the axis of rotation and rotation motor are set on the lifting block.
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