The use standard of multifunctional glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-10

When manufacturing glass, it is a very important process when cutting glass. At present, the efficiency of cutting glass is low, and the efficiency of manual glass cutting is also very low, so it is necessary to use special equipment. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the multi-functional Standard for the use of glass cutting machines.

The multifunctional glass cutting machine includes a cutting box and a base, the base is provided with a servo motor, a waste collection box is provided on one side of the base, and a conveying roller is arranged on the top of the base. There is a cutting conveyor belt, an observation window, a numerical control system and a parameter input area are arranged on the outer surface of the cutting box. The cutting box is provided with a transverse cutting axis, a longitudinal cutting axis, and a rotating axis. The bottom of the rotating axis is provided with a cutting knife. The bottom of the box is provided with a clamping device, and the top of the cutting box is provided with an alarm light.

The width of the conveyor belt 1 is larger than that of the conveyor belt 2, the rotation range of the rotating shaft is 0-360°, the conveyor belt 1 passes through the cutting box and is in contact with the conveyor belt 2, and the observation window is made of tempered glass , so the strength is good.

This multifunctional glass glass cutting machine can adjust the cutting size of glass through the numerical control system, and can realize the cutting effects such as arc cutting, straight cutting, and bevel cutting through the rotating shaft, without manual replacement of glass plates and conveyor belts. Automatic conveying, the cut waste can be recycled after being collected in the garbage collection box, which reduces the cost and manpower.

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