The use of glass cutting machines in factory operations

by:Enkong     2022-06-05

At present, glass cutting is divided into electric, automatic glass cutting machines and manual glass cutting machines. Glass production and processing generally adopts automatic equipment, which has good processing quality, fast efficiency and high cost. The commonly used manual portable glass cutting knives are small in size. Low cost, suitable for various processing environments.

The cutting process of the glass glass cutting machine is: clean the surface of the glass to be cut, draw a cutting line on the surface of the glass to be cut, use a ruler as an auxiliary tool, the operator Cut along the cut line with a glass cutter.

The glass glass cutting machine includes a knife holder and a glass cutting knife. The knife holder is fixed on the glass to be cut, and the knife holder can be slidably installed. The glass cutting knife can be adjusted up and down and installed on the knife holder. end through the knife holder.

There are two parallel slide rails on the surface of the tool holder, the end face of the tool holder is provided with a pulley, the pulley is slidably installed on the parallel slide rails, the glass cutting knife is installed in the tool holder hole, and the handle of the glass cutting knife is installed. There is an external thread on it, and the glass cutting knife is fixed on the knife holder through the installation hole.

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