The use of glass cutting machine knowledge is introduced

by:Enkong     2020-12-26
At present, the glass cut into power, divided into automatic glass cutting machine and manual glass cutting machine, automatic equipment is usually used for glass production and processing, processing of good quality and efficiency of fast, high cost, common manual portable is glass cutter, its small size, low cost, suitable for all kinds of processing environment. Glass cutting machine cutting process is as follows: pure cut glass surface, on the surface of the glass that was cut to draw a cutting line, with a ruler as auxiliary tool, the operator with glass cutting knife to cut along the parting line. Glass cutting machine including the cutting knife rest, rest, and glass, head is fixed on the glass for cutting, tool post can be installed on the tool carrier, sliding glass cutting knife can be adjusted up and down is installed on the tool carrier, glass cutting knife cutting side through the rest. Rest on the surface is equipped with two parallel slide rail, the bottom of the tool rest end equipped with pulley, the pulley can be installed on the parallel slide rail, sliding installed on the tool carrier is equipped with glass cutter hole, glass cutting knife handle with external thread, glass cutting knife through the installation hole is fixed on the tool carrier.
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