The types of glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-03
Glass edge grinding machine is dosage of glass deep processing equipment of the earliest and largest one of the mechanical equipment. Main function is the smooth glass, and make some special shapes. Use edge grinding machine correctly and reasonably can not only ensure normal production, can also extend the life of the machine. Divided into single arm abnormity edge grinding machine, straight edge grinding machine, modeling edge grinding machine. Glass edge grinding machine is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass and process glass processing, deep processing of glass machinery equipment is produced in the earliest one of the largest cold working equipment and dosage. Mainly used for ordinary flat glass bottom edge grinding, polishing and chamfering. Generally have a manual, digital control and the PLC computer control, configuration. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning lubrication and maintenance, can guarantee the machine working normally, prolong mechanical life, improve the processing and production. Let's take a look at the glass edge grinding machine specific classification: a straight edge grinding machine, glass straight edge machine used for processing the lower side of the plate glass and edges and corners of grinding and polishing. Board before the use of special adjustable clamp, grinding head plate adopt and yan full glass edge grinding the tail slide plate, processing speed can be adjusted, and has a good rigidity, small vibration, easy to debug, high precision, etc. Generally speaking, there are 4 grinding head / 8 9 grinding head grinding head / / 10 grinding head straight edge machine. Multistage 2, glass edge grinding machine multistage side edge grinding machine is suitable for the grinding of different size and thickness of plate glass straight and 45 ° edges, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing, chamfering process such as a worker, in 0 ° - Adjusted Angle between 45 °, adjusted in the process of cutting grinding feed rate and feed, adjust the thickness of front guide rail transformation processing glass, with a touch screen Angle and width of chamfering, automatic grinding can be accurately set before the various parameters of the chamfering. Generally speaking, there are 9 10 grinding head grinding head/multilevel edge grinding machine. Three bevel edge, glass edge grinding machine, beveling machine is mainly used for machining flat glass straight-line bevel edge and bottom edge. Grinding head with Shanghai famous brand motor of high precision, low energy consumption, no glass beveling machine is used in the main drive system level regulating speed reducer, synchronous belt transmission, chain plate used after forging steel and heat treatment through special technology, increasing both before and after the guide strip are super wear resistant materials and strict processing technology, reduce the friction and the pressure plate, effectively enhance the service life of chain plate and strip, even in the case of no lubrication can to meet the requirements for a long time. Bevel edge machine minimum size 30 X30mm dice, bevel edge width generally is 15 mm, Angle of 3 - 25°。 Bevel edge width 35 mm; This kind of machine in China glass exhibition is on display, on by a great number of domestic and foreign customers booking. Four round edge, glass edge grinding machine, this machine is suitable for grinding of different size and thickness of plate glass straight line round edge, the duck mouth, etc. Using the grinding wheel for grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing glass round edge machine at one time. Before the mobile guide rail to adjust the thickness of the glass, adopts stepless speed reducer can adjust speed, smooth speed, high precision. Generally speaking, there are 6 grinding head / 8 grinding head round edge edge grinding machine. Five, the glass double straight edge grinding machine is suitable for grinding flat glass double line flat, coarse grinding, polishing once completed. Grinding head slide with double linear rolling guide, double ball screw transmission, to achieve stable movement speed, remove the mobile space, reduce the resistance and wear and tear, ensure repeat positioning. Generally speaking, there are 16 grinding head / 20 grinding head / 26 28 grinding head grinding head/double straight edge grinding machine, grinding glass edge bilateral machine machining efficiency is high, but the price is relatively high, suitable for large toughened glass factory. Double edging machine (small Such as: early 2 grinding head, grinding head 4 and 6 8 mill grinding head top now) Configuration of turntable, glass cleaning machine equipment of the production line. Six double round edge, glass edge grinding machine the machine adopts PLC control system through a complete interface setting processing parameters of the double round edge of coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Frequency conversion motor to adjust processing speed, double linear guide and double screw guide rail structure make it easy to operate, the structure is simple, the processing precise size stability, fast processing speed, etc. Generally speaking, there are 16 grinding head / 20 grinding head / 26 28 grinding head grinding head/double round edge edge grinding machine. The above is the classification of the glass edge grinding machine. Hope to be able to help to everybody, everybody wants to learn more knowledge can continue to focus on our website, also can contact us, we will answer for you.
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