The type of glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-02
Glass edge grinding machine is glass processing machinery and equipment in the early and use one of the large industrial equipment. In recent years, along with the continuous development trend and development of glass deep processing industry chain, the types and specifications of the glass edge grinding machine is more and more, and more and more outstanding, more and more comprehensive. Glass edge grinding machine is the key to any of the following several kinds: 1. Arms heterotypic edge grinding machine ( Known as special machine or arms) Arms heterotypic edge grinding machine can grind straight edge, both also can smooth edge, the duck mouth, can also be grinding arc; Both to grinding ring artifacts, products can also be grinding elliptic artifacts and special shape products. Use profile on separate glass sucker, use different machine can grind some irregular product artifacts. Its simple structure and low manufacturing cost of relativity, so the price is also more cost-effective, general domestic mobile phone twenty thousand yuan can be bought from top to bottom, but the operator technology standard is higher, so the human cost is too expensive. 2. The characteristics of parallel lines parallel to the edge grinding machine grinding machine has three: one is the main use is relatively single, only all kinds of parallel lines; Second, the sustainability of grinding, high productivity; Three is a lot of photovoltaic glass grinding specifications. Parallel to the edge grinding machine is various kinds of edge grinding machine types and specifications of edge grinding machine, can according to the grinding of parallel to the side of different, it can be divided into parallel edge grinding machine, parallel lines, parallel lines arc three. 3. Profile edge grinding machine profile edge grinding machine using the template accurate positioning, can grinding ring or special glass straight edge, round edge, the duck mouth, circular arc, etc. , such like polished glass edge grinding machine based on template, uniform, productivity high. This type number for manufacturing kinds rarely, but manufacturing large quantities of very large glass processing, but if the types of production and manufacturing, is unfavorable choose this kind of machinery and equipment, due to the type of edge grinding machine, is polished by template type, each a different glass will need to do a template, so do the template cost is also high. 4. Outside the circular machine features in the circular edge grinding machine is simple structure, high quality and low price, but the main use is relatively single, the key is suitable for processing near the circle. 5. Parallel multilateral edge grinding machine parallel multilateral edge grinding machine and grinding of glass are the characteristics of the two opposite sides, machining accuracy is good, production and manufacturing of high efficiency rate, apply a large number of glass edge grinding. Multilateral ball mill grinding glass according to the total width of different can be divided into two, big small and medium-sized and large and medium-sized large grinding total width in 2 meters of the following calls, small and medium-sized multilateral ball mill, grinding total in 2 m wide and 2 m above the call of large and medium-sized multilateral ball mill, grinding wheel is equipped with 16, 20, 22, wheel, etc. Large and medium-sized multilateral ball mill is commonly computer control, high degree of automation technology, suitable for grinding size larger photovoltaic glass. 6. Automatic type profiled edge grinding machine automatic type profiled edge grinding machine is composed of industrial equipment and numerical control machine tool applied to production and processing complex artifacts like products of high efficiency rate of automation technology of CNC lathes, production and processing all the computer intelligent control system, the application of cylinder precision positioning, fixed glass, glass edge grinding, fillet and fine polishing the technological process of disposable, high automation level, the device on the production and processing all kinds of special-shaped glass display information out significant advantages, like glass, the more multifarious, production and processing advantages more significantly, on the machining accuracy level than 5 models must be high, so this model is more appropriate production and processing of high quality glass products. Above is the type of glass edge grinding machine, if need to edge grinding machine type and the total number of choose and buy more, the good is to use the same manufacturer production. Because that is not good for the future production, management, maintenance, etc are much convenient, but also because it is a large quantity of choose and buy, the price and still can obtain a lot of special service project.
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