The type 4028 dual simplex a glass machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-10
RF— Series fully automatic double double double location about glass machine: adopt mechanical reverse structure. Ball screw lift, stable operation, which can realize various thickness of glass slices. Can automatically set piece number and piece on order, walking device automatically, automatic slices, automatic transmission. Equipment is available on bilateral transfer, at the same time realize the different specifications of glass automatic piece of work. Equipment has automatic and manual two kinds of modes to choose from. Convenient intuitive, but with domestic and foreign automatic and semi-automatic glass cutting machine to form a complete set of use, fully automatic or semi-automatic cutting line. Performance: the size limit: 4000 * 3000 mm size limit: 1800 * 1000 mm on a piece of glass thickness: 2 - 25 mm on cycle: 30 - 50 seconds ( Adjustable) Can be on a piece of glass weight: 900 kg on location type: simplex bit flip arm type: double double line type: glass float glass production line production categories: automobile glass, construction glass, decorative glass, glass, appliance glass, furniture glass, glass lamps and lanterns, tempered glass, hollow glass, broken glass, float glass, quartz glass, ultra clear float glass, ultra wave glass, microcrystalline glass, optical glass, art glass, special glass, high temperature resistant glass. Address: happy and technological development zone in anhui province, daqing road south contacts: xiao-li zhu telephone: 0552-13855277225 Preach true: 4925198-0552 4127937
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