The type 2520 automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-14
Equipment specification: u can cut glass size limit: 2500 * 2000 mm painted bench height: 900 + 50 mm. Taken the equipment weight: 1. 8T. Taken the cutting thickness: 2 ~ 19 mm cutting parameters: u straight parallel: 0. 25 mm/m u diagonal accuracy: 0. 30mm/m( Above precision accuracy of cutting wire before snapping piece shall prevail) Taken the cutting speed of bridge: 0 ~ 160 m/min. ( Adjustable) Taken the cutting bridge acceleration 3 or higher. 0 m/s squared u cutter frame painted a speed of 150 m/min or more segment acceleration 6 or higher. 0 m/s painted painted squared air-flotation transmission error of plus or minus 0 or less cutting head positioning precision. Painted 15 mm power/power: installing power requirement: 380 v / 50 hz u actual power equipment: 8 kw. Taken the compressed air: 0. 6PA。 Painted equipment performance equipment framework: after aging treatment, do not deformation, mesa and parallelism is correct. Taken the cutting knife: turn 360 degrees of rotation of the cutting tools, cut up and down, Any straight lines and various special-shaped glass cutting can be realized) Taken the mesa: adopt waterproof panel. Can effective moistureproof, not out of shape. U felt: foreign industrial felt, Fiber and wool extremely) Good flatness, and anti-static. Taken the positioning system, pneumatic machinery and photoelectric scanning positioning. Taken the oil way: pneumatic automatic oiling. Taken the bedplate and synchronization under the knife, mechanical parts: use of foreign combet version ( Flatness + 0 or less. 20毫米/米) 。 Painted u rack/guide: Japan KHK knife wheel/wheel clamp: Germany bo le. Rinou painted a domestic computer mainframe, Microsoft Windows interface. Taken the voltage: 380 v / 50 hz. With the pressure equipment. : u motor yaskawa servo motor ( Abnormity and linear cutting effect is very good) 。 U guide: Taiwan painted silver rack: painted KHK proximity switch: painted chint control card: treasure. Taken the main electric elements: omron and chint. Painted painted pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC software: Po lun in cutting software and optimization software ( Optional)
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