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The turning point of the glass machinery parts industry is approaching, and the industry adjustment is a foregone conclusion

by:Enkong     2021-03-28
China's glass machinery parts industry has firmly ranked first in the world in terms of the overall industry structure. In 2013, the economic layout of the industry ranked first in the world; in 2013, the total value of glass machinery production and sales accounted for about one-third of the world, accounting for half of the world's glass machinery and equipment, but at the same time, our glass accessories manufacturers should also see the development of the industry Restrictive factors, the relative lag in technological progress and the development methods that focus on layout can not be ignored. In the past, the above concepts were emphasized to glass machinery manufacturers. It is pointed out that the top factors driving the rapid development of China's glass machinery parts industry in the past ten years are the strong support of the continuous development of the automotive and construction industry market demand and policies. Because of the weak market demand in the automotive and construction industries and the layout orientation in assessment, industry companies have generally expanded their production capacity. Large-scale and heavy-duty glass machinery, diversified types and standardization are very common. Some small glass machinery companies have also successively launched large glass machinery and equipment. In the expansion of the layout, the technological level of the enterprise has indeed improved to a different degree, but the upgrading of glass machinery accessories technology is not obvious. Related problems such as the similarity of glass machinery structure and the overcapacity of low-end large and heavy glass machinery and equipment are quite prominent. Relatively speaking, the effects of technological progress and upgrades are limited, deep-level technology is not enough, and the promotion of high-level innovation effects is not large. From the perspective of the entire industry, we still have not fundamentally divorced from the previous form of industry development. Although the industrial layout is large, the overall level of glass machinery is low, and it is still at the middle and low end of the global glass machinery parts industrial chain. It can be seen that the basic characteristics of the glass machinery accessories industry at this stage are large but not strong, which cannot be adapted to the accelerated upgrade of market demand in the automotive and construction industries. The glass machinery accessories industry is in a transition period, and industry adjustment is imperative. Large but not strong is the necessary stage of development, and it is also closely related to the development level of China's industrial industry. Because of the global financial crisis, this process was postponed to this year. After the financial crisis, the implementation of this policy has been accelerated. Everyone has a deep understanding of the necessity of the glass machinery grinding wheel industry. The whole society has improved a lot of technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the needs of various industries are upgrading and transforming. The upgrading of glass machinery and the improvement of quality standards will inevitably bring about the demand for upgrading of glass processing machinery parts. Under the influence of the main factors of the slowdown in growth, the market demand structure of the automobile and construction industries is accelerating to upgrade in the past. This trend will antagonize the industrial structure that was originally required by the mid-to-high-end automotive market and the construction industry. Summarizing and analyzing the basic characteristics of the glass machinery parts industry at this stage, the first few are obviously not difficult to distinguish, and the glass machinery parts industry is in a critical period of completing strategic transformation.

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