The three common cleaning areas of glass edging machine industry

by:Enkong     2021-05-04
1. Precision glass edging machine industrial cleaning In many processing industries, some intermediate processes need to be cleaned first before the next process can be carried out, and some of the final products need to be cleaned again. Such as metal, plastic parts, glass plating, spray paint. Before vacuum coating, precise cleaning is required. To remove oil and dust; cotton cloth in the textile industry. wool. silk. Refining cleaning of flax, etc.; degreasing and deinking cleaning in the paper industry. Precision industrial cleaning is directly related to product quality and performance. If the residual dirt is greater than the requirement, bubbles will appear. peeling. Defects and other issues. 2. Ultra-precision industrial cleaning At present, microelectronics technology has developed to the level of nanometer technology, and a 90-nanometer production line is already under construction. Wavelength division multiplexed optoelectronic devices (DWDM), which are widely used in communication equipment, have a resolution to accurately separate and identify light of different wavelengths. The cleaning of this kind of products should be almost perfect, and the diameter of the residual dirt should be about 0.1nm. Ordinary electron microscope has been difficult to observe. 3. General industrial cleaning General industrial cleaning. Such as boilers. pipeline. Petrochemical equipment, etc. usually use acid. Alkali and some active substances are used as cleaning agents. Similar to civil cleaning. It is usually based on the fact that no dirt is visible to the naked eye. Such as cars. Cleaning the walls of buildings on the surface of trains, airplanes, ships, etc. Doors, windows, glass, etc. cleaning; oil pipelines. Oil transportation, storage tanks, equipment pipelines, boilers, central air-conditioning. Equipment maintenance, cleaning, etc.
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