The structure working principle of glass cutting machine assembly line

by:Enkong     2021-01-11
Glass cutting machine assembly line is designed for the glass processing and cutting, designed a kind of processing machine. Set a glass cutting machine including end of gas floating loading bay and build the overpass cutting machine. As an improvement, including shaft, transmission wheel glass conveying mechanism, an electric motor and a belt between the arrangement of the first straight beam and a second straight beam top frame of the double bridge overpass cutting length table low third straight beam and a fourth straight beam frame length on the head. At the end of the length direction of the air floating feeding table provides a proximity switch is connected to the power of the motor control circuit to control the opening and closing of the motor, and the upper slightly below the table of the proximity switch. Further improvement, twinbridge overpass cutting machine have been beam in the first and second straight beam set up two block glass vertical scrolling artifacts, four rolling component layout into a rectangle. In addition, it is equipped with manual type folding table, and build overpass type cutting machine, manual type folding table layout. This device has the advantage of low cost. As a build semi-automatic cutting machine, due to the cut size need to adjust the cutting tool, in the market now is single cut more fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine, with the aid of numerical control center to control the path of the cutting tool, can be quickly and accurately and cutting all kinds of flat glass. Foreign markets for China's more plastic, glass, The Bavarian loni) , the comparison of the domestic famous anhui old enterprises such as investor, bo gwon-chul. The laser processing machine with cutting speed, high precision, accurate positioning, etc. Can mirror box production process gifts, panel, model toys, advertising light boxes, signs display supplies, packaging, etc.
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