The structure of the glass cutting machine determines its usage

by:Enkong     2022-05-26

At present, the glass cutting machine used for cutting special-shaped glass is usually used for cutting flat glass. The artifact in the glass itself has curvature, which cannot be cut by ordinary flat glass cutting machines. However, the manual cutting method has low work efficiency and obvious problems. , Today I will introduce the structure of the glass glass cutting machine, which determines its use.

The utility model provides a spherical special-shaped glass cutting machine that can improve work efficiency, cutting precision and product quality, so as to avoid the defects existing in the prior art. The control system, the machine base device and the worktable are characterized in that it is provided with a spherical bracket and an arc-shaped guide rail with the same arc as the workpiece, and the arc-shaped guide rail and the spherical bracket are arranged coaxially.

The curved guide rail is installed on the main shaft through the connecting plate, the sliding seat can slide along the curved surface of the curved guide rail, the tool seat of the installation tool is connected with the sliding seat, the workpiece template and the spherical bracket and the curved guide rail are coaxial guide rail, tool Move through the inner edge of the template.

The automatic spherical special-shaped glass cutting machine sets the spherical guide frame and arc according to the spherical shape of the workpiece to be cut, and uses a template to make it possible to mechanize spherical glass cutting, greatly improve the work efficiency and improve the cutting accuracy , improve product quality.

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