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The straight line height of the glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-21
When a product processed by a machine, or a product produced, does not achieve the desired effect, or if there is a deviation, we need to know what the reason is, as a result of this phenomenon, the glass edging machine is the same, so what is the reason for the different straight line heights of the glass edging machine? Let's take a look at it with us. Under normal circumstances, the straight glass ground by the glass edging machine is relatively flat. If the height of the two sides is different, the problem of the machine should be checked immediately, looking at the upper and lower chamfer grinding wheel feed may not be adjusted properly. If the size of the previous grinding is different from the current size, it is reasonable for this situation to occur. If the size is different, the glass edging machine needs to be readjusted to the size currently used. In addition, the reason for this phenomenon may also be that the grinding wheel is old and the deformation of the base may also cause this situation, which is relatively much lower. The above is the introduction of the reasons why the straight line height of the glass edging machine is different. I hope it can be helpful to you.
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