The role of glass edge grinding machine for special-shaped glass

by:Enkong     2021-03-09
1, can enhance the strength of special-shaped glass, glass greatly eliminates the local stress concentration phenomenon. 2, eliminate the error of the glass processing time, let the glass edge grinding after the dimensions completely conform to the requirements of the processing. 3, special-shaped glass edge grinding machine of this role is also very intuitive, is caused by the ground glass when cutting sharp edges and corners, to prevent the phenomenon of glass when used to hurt. 4, can put the special-shaped glass processed into coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing while. It can be on the edge of the special-shaped glass for different types of processing quality. 5, killing off the edge of the glass, the cutting of small cracks. 6, the appearance of the edge grinding machine adopt stainless steel material, so that the edge grinding machine overall look more beautiful and durable. 7, special-shaped glass edge grinding machine at the time of killing shaped glass, will make the edges of the glass is very smooth and does not produce any burr. 8, USES the automatic adjust the Angle of special-shaped glass, to prevent human adjustment caused by red tape. 9, also can use automatically correct the speed of special-shaped glass, let every one shaped glass can work out the corner of the people need.
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