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The problem of glass straight line double edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-04

Nowadays, the requirements for glass processing equipment are getting higher and higher, because only in this way can we bring more refined and perfect glass products. For glass double-sided edging machines, it has the characteristics of the largest belt and the smallest glass. In the production and processing of glass, the edging of small glass is a technical problem. Many bilateral machine manufacturers use smaller conveyor belts to grind small glass. But the belt is small, there will be several problems:

1. It will limit the number of grinding heads of the machine. The more the number of grinding heads, the longer the belt, the greater the resistance of the belt running, and the smaller the belt is easy to deform or even break;

2. Affect the service life of the belt. Big belts have longer lifespan and durability than small belts;

3. The edging effect will be more unstable. The clamping force of the small belt on the glass is smaller than that of the large belt, and the small glass is easy to move when edging, which affects the parallel and diagonal precision of the glass and the polishing effect;

4. Large glass cannot be ground , Thick glass. The larger and thicker the glass, the greater the resistance when edging, and the greater the resistance of the belt running. Large belts can withstand these resistances better than small belts.

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