The practicability of glass cutting machine briefly

by:Enkong     2021-06-05
Glass cutting casing body is equipped with water tank, outside of the motor position of multiple circular pipe, water tank with pump, water tank and pipe connection, which, when the motor need to heat, water pump control water circulate in the pipe, a quick cooling, improve the practicability of the cutting machine. Spray two times on the output shaft, components are connected to the fixed link, two fixed rod and the connecting pipe connection, spraying department including sleeve, sleeve center is equipped with the bearing of the output shaft through the bearing, gear set on the bearing. In socket on the wall on a nozzle, the nozzle jet of water is perpendicular to the relatively close to the gear tooth surface, a nozzle, the nozzle has a fixed block, above the fixed block with gear, nozzle and the sleeve hinge, hinge has a torsional spring. When table need to be cleaned, when water pump control from two sleeve, connecting pipe into the water from the corresponding socket of the nozzle, the gear rotation, and then the gear tooth can be constantly moving fixed block, make the nozzle under the action of an oscillating in the torsion spring, nozzle can clean surface of workbench, back and forth to improve the practicability of the cutting machine.
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