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The performance and function of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-22

In the process of glass production, it is necessary to cut large pieces of glass into small-sized glass pieces required by customers. The glass glass cutting machine includes a cutting table, a cutting knife device and a cleaning device. The cutting table is equipped with a rotating motor. There is a shock-absorbing seat, and the cutting table is equipped with a rotating device.

The rotating device includes a rotating fixing table and a fixing device, the fixing device includes a fixing plate, a chuck and a chuck, and the cutting device includes four cutting blades and a mounting bottom plate, above the blade A telescopic column and a fixed knife seat are provided, and the blades are evenly distributed on the bottom surface of the installation base plate.

In the long-term cutting process of the glass cutting machine, if the pressure of the blade on the glass decreases, it means that the blade is far away from the glass or the blade cannot completely cut the glass. The existing cutting machine does not have an adjustment mechanism for adjusting the pressure of the blade on the glass, and The glass cutting machine can only be adjusted with a telescopic column, and the glass may be damaged if the adjustment range is too large.

The glass cutting machine has an adjustment mechanism that adjusts the pressure of the cutting knife on the glass. It can be adjusted automatically during the cutting process and can control the adjustment range. When the pressure reaches a certain level, it will automatically stop without damaging the glass.

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