The operation problem of glass washing machine of glass machinery

by:Enkong     2022-01-07

The height of the water tank of the glass washing machine

The water tank for storing water. When it is difficult to meet the pressure required by the glass washing equipment. Measures such as setting up a booster pump should be taken.  

Water tank piping and accessories   

Water inlet pipe: The water inlet pipe is generally connected by the side wall of the water tank, and it can also be connected from the top or bottom. The diameter of the inlet pipe can be determined by calculating the second flow rate of the water pump out of Mercury or the pipe network design. When the water tank directly uses the pressure of the outdoor pipe network to enter the water. The inlet pipe of the pressure vessel should be equipped with a hydraulic water level control valve (preferentially) on the day out. The inlet pipe should also be equipped with a valve for maintenance. When the pipe diameter is ≥50mm .Control valves (or float valves) are not less than two. The inlet pipe that enters from the side wall should have a distance of 150-200mm from the center of the tank top.  

When the water tank is supplied by a water pump, and the water level rises and falls to automatically control the operation of the water pump. The water level control valve should not be installed.

After the transducer of the glass glass edging machine converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, it will produce high-frequency vibration with very small amplitude and spread to the solution in the cleaning tank. Under the action of the transducer, the cleaning The inside of the liquid will continuously produce a large number of tiny bubbles and burst instantly. The burst of each bubble will generate a shock wave of hundreds of degrees of high temperature and nearly a thousand atmospheres, so as to wash the workpiece clean.

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