The operation of the glass cutting machine should ensure convenience

by:Enkong     2022-05-27

When manufacturing glass, cutting glass is a very important process. At present, glass cutting mostly adopts manual feeding, which has low cutting efficiency. At the same time, due to the need to cut glass of different sizes, the fixed positioning block on the glass cutting machine cannot meet the needs. Moreover, the staff often judges based on their own experience, which is prone to cutting errors, resulting in glass damage and waste of resources. Next, the editor will introduce the operation of the glass cutting machine to ensure convenience.

The glass cutting machine includes a casing, a cutting device, and a workbench on the casing. The workbench is slidably arranged on the casing, and a magnet block is provided on the workbench. The cutting device is provided with a water outlet pipe. The cutting machine also includes a driving device for driving the sliding of the worktable. The driving device includes a gear and a rack. The gear is matched with the rack.

The gear is provided with a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft extends out of the casing and is connected with the rotating handle, the casing is provided with a sliding groove, and the worktable is provided with a guide rail, and the sliding groove matches the guide rail, which helps Improve the stability of the table when sliding.

There is a groove matching the cutting blade on the working surface of the worktable, so that the bottom end of the cutting blade extends into the groove of the worktable, which effectively realizes one-time cutting of the glass, and the work There is a magnet on the table, the magnet block and the worktable are fixed by magnetic force, the position of the magnet block can be adjusted and positioned according to the different cutting sizes of the glass, and the operation is convenient.

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