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The number of glass edging, the number of grinding wheels and the requirements for grinding heads

by:Enkong     2022-07-16

Glass edging has to go through many procedures, ranging from 3 to 9 times.

1. First, use the diamond edging wheel with metal bond to grind, then use coarse, medium and fine in turn. 325 is already fine. This is the general nature of trimming, and it is normal for edge chipping.

2. Then use a resin-bonded diamond edging wheel to grind it into a sanded surface without chipping. Usually, it can be used here.

3. Sometimes you want the edge to be polished like a mirror. This uses a polishing wheel instead of diamond. Instead, use low-hardness polishing abrasives such as iron oxide and cerium oxide.

In the second step, if you use 3000 mesh for water grinding, it will basically be almost transparent.

There is a special glass edging machine, with all the required wheels installed (5 types of wheels are called 5-head machines, 9 types are 9-head machines, and so on), the glass is pushed from one side, and after passing through all the wheels one by one , after coming out of the other side of the machine, it has been polished like a mirror.

If you do not have a special machine, if you use a grinder to grind a glass edging machine, you can directly use a 60-mesh metal bond diamond edging wheel to grind out the shape, and then use a 150-325 mesh resin-bonded diamond edging wheel to grind off the large size. The scratches, so it is almost ready to use, if you want a translucent smooth edge, then apply the polishing wheel.

Glass edging machine is used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edges of flat glass. The processing speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. It has the advantages of good rigidity, low vibration, easy debugging and high precision. Generally, there are 4 grinding heads and 8 grinding heads. , 9 grinding head, 10 grinding head linear edging machine, the use of glass edging machine has requirements for grinding head, suitable grinding head can process glass more efficiently, and suitable hardness will not appear safe Problems and wear resistance, the following will explain the specific requirements for the selection of grinding heads for glass edging machines.

1. Grinding and polishing specifications, etc.

2. Types of glass edging machines.

3. The diamond grinding wheel used for rough grinding and fine grinding of glass edge.

4. Requirements for the brightness of the glass edge.

Glass edging machine manufacturers The beveled glass edging machine can grind glass of different thicknesses, whether it is fine grinding or polishing, the work can be completed at one time, in view of the advantages of many friends for the beveled glass edging machine. Very well, we'll go into more detail on this below.

1. The beveled glass edging machine has the characteristics of leading structure, automatic clamping, voltage stabilization, high precision and high working efficiency in the system. It can deeply grind glass products such as glass coffee tables and frameless doors. It is widely used in various furniture factories.

2. Generally, the bevel glass glass edging machine is suitable for grinding the bevel and bottom edge of flat glass with different sizes and thicknesses. The rough edge, fine grinding, polishing, bottom edge and other processes are completed at one time, and the ground glass surface can be It can reach the mirror surface finish, the speed can be adjusted, the speed change is stable, the feeding speed and feed amount can be adjusted arbitrarily during the grinding process, and the thickness of the front beam can be changed to process the glass.

3. There are various types of manual and automatic operation designs, and various combinations of grinding heads can make the glass show different shapes and appearances.

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