The normal work of the glass edging machine comes from the cooperation of the parts

by:Enkong     2021-03-20
In the application of glass machinery, if you want to make it work more smoothly, the cooperation of its parts should be very good. The damage of one part may make the whole machine unable to work anymore, which will lead to glass products. The quality is greatly reduced. At present, in the production of glass products, more and more attention is paid to the quality of glass machinery. At present, the bearing transmission of glass machinery is gradually becoming more widely used. Its maintenance cost is low and the first investment is large. In the glass machinery, the glass beveling machine and the glass straight beveling machine adopt a non-chain bearing rolling chain plate structure. The grinding head can be raised and lowered. It is a special equipment for processing the bevel and bottom of various flat glass or lenses. At present, more technology has been put into the application of glass machinery. For the glass beveling machine, its man-machine interface clearly displays various parameters such as glass thickness, bevel width and angle, remaining glass thickness and processing speed. The transmission speed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. It can be used for grinding the rear plate, and is equipped with an automatic cleaning device for the rear plate.

What are the characteristics of the glass internal edging machine?

Products are used by people in many ways. Nowadays, many kinds of products are recognized by consumers, and they are also paid attention to by more investors. Nowadays, more kinds of products are being sold in more places, and the technology of producing products has been improved. After all, there are more advanced technologies to carry out To the production. A variety of mechanical products have more performance, and a variety of mechanical products are now more likely to be used. Because of this, they appear in more places. To the machinery company/machinery manufacturer. Glass internal edging machine is one of many mechanical products.

The characteristics of the glass internal edging machine is that it has a single purpose and can only grind all kinds of straight edges; the second is continuous grinding with high production efficiency; the third is grinding. Larger plate glass.
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