The matters needing attention of bilateral glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-20
Bilateral in the processing of glass products, glass edge grinding machine is the main function of grinding glass grinding flat edge or into bottom circular arc form. Use edge grinding machine correctly and reasonably can not only ensure normal production, also can prolong the life of the machine, so that to improve production efficiency. How to correctly use edge grinding machine? Should pay attention to the following contents: first, for a variety of new edge grinding machine, be sure to read the instruction manual before use. In figure out the transmission principle of the machine, all kinds of handle, hand wheel, electric button, waterways, pneumatic control valve, machine maintenance knowledge, can use the computer operation. Second, edge grinding machine grinding head stand or fall has a great influence on the quality of glass grinding, grinding head position, mobile clearance and so on have been adjusted when delivery from factory is good, except in a grinding head, when using the rest of the general not to move, so as not to affect the quality of grinding. In addition, the grinding head backward position not easy too much, otherwise easy to damage the waterproof cover, cause leaks, and easy to burn out motor. In addition, the adequacy of cooling the grinding effect has great influence. Always check the cooling line blocking phenomenon. Especially linear edge grinding machine line easy to brush jams, and after the wall is not easy to detect, cause insufficient cooling influence edge grinding quality. Bilateral edge grinding machine when using the matters needing attention: 1. Bilateral edge grinding machine is a high grade of edge grinding machine, the best fixed when using two or three operations, to ensure correct operation. 2. Bilateral grinding process appeared error or malfunction, the original manufacturer, please send best maintenance and debugging, usually don't overhaul, so as not to confuse the program production.
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