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The manufacturer tells where the advantages of the glass beveling machine are

by:Enkong     2022-01-17

The manufacturer tells about the advantages of the glass beveling machine. When we use the glass beveling machine, we must use it because it has an advantage. Let me explain the manufacturer's advantages of the glass beveling machine.

1. The bevel glass glass edging machine has the leading structure in the system, active clamping, voltage stabilization and other features, high accuracy, and advanced work efficiency. It can be used for deep edging of glass products such as glass coffee tables and frameless doors, and is widely used in various furniture factories.

2. Generally, the bevel glass glass edging machine is suitable for grinding the bevel and bottom edges of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. It integrates rough edges, fine grinding, polishing, bottom edges and other processes at one time. The glass surface can be polished to achieve mirror finish; the speed can be adjusted, the speed is stable, the feeding speed and the feed amount can be adjusted arbitrarily during the grinding process; the front beam can be adjusted to change the glass thickness.

3. It is equipped with a variety of manual and automatic operation model designs, and the combination of grinding heads is in various forms, which can make the glass show different shapes and appearances.

The above is the manufacturer's description of the advantages of the glass beveling machine. I believe everyone knows it. Welcome everyone to come to our company to buy!

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