The manufacturer tells what to do if the small glass edging machine fails

by:Enkong     2022-01-17

The manufacturer tells what to do if the small glass edging machine fails. When we use this kind of mechanical equipment, some failures also occur, so what should we do at this time. Let me explain to you some manufacturers how to deal with the failure of the small glass edging machine.

For the use of the glass edging machine, a person-determined mechanism should be implemented, and the equipment should be used with an operating certificate, and safe operating procedures should be followed. Always keep the equipment of the glass glass edging machine clean and tidy, add oil according to the regulations, ensure reasonable lubrication, abide by the shift system, manage the tools and accessories, and not lose them. If an abnormality is found, stop for inspection immediately, and the operator should notify relevant personnel for inspection and handling if the operator cannot handle the problem. In addition, the equipment of the glass edging machine should be inspected daily and recorded carefully, so that the oil should be refueled before the shift, lubricated correctly, and cleaned, wiped, and oiled in time after the shift. Take care of the equipment accessories of the glass glass edging machine. When the work is transferred or the operating equipment is changed, the equipment and complete accessories must be handed over. Earnestly implement the shift shift system and fill in shift records.

In the event of a glass edging machine equipment accident, measures should be taken to cut off the power supply, keep the scene, report to the team leader or workshop mechanic in time, and wait for processing. When analyzing the accident, the process should be explained according to the facts. It shall be directly responsible for accidents caused by subjective reasons such as violation of operation and maintenance regulations.

The above is the manufacturer’s description of what to do if the small glass edging machine fails. I believe everyone has an understanding. Welcome everyone to come to our company to buy!

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