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The hypotenuse glass edge grinding machine of choose and buy and maintenance

by:Enkong     2021-05-29
Glass beveling machine method can choose and buy to choose one from two aspects: first, from the perspective of the structural performance of the machine: the machine is of important practical, durable, easy to maintenance. Knowledgeable of guard the entrance, dilettante watch the scene of bustle. You can compare more, see more, ask why didn't know how to choose more, beveling edge grinding machine and is a high-grade: beam elevating, before our smallest glass can be ground to 14 x14mm, implements the size glass grinding. The most practical ZhiZheng beveling edge grinding machine. 2: from the perspective of a glass edge grinding effect: don't be outside triangle, don't have the triangle, the diagonal to straight, don't have white point on the edge of diagonal, especially from long glass hypotenuse straight lines to wide, four diagonal at least three, there is a Angle error in the plus or minus 0. 5 mm. Speed is also main factors you should consider oh, hayes nine edge grinding machine grinding hypotenuse grinding head cant 30 mm wide width can reach three metres per minute, effect of maternal degree of bright. Precision of edge grinding machine how durable: 1:2:3: maintenance good waterproof, no machine would be more with more precision, like people's physique, high precision of the with the works. Maintenance can reduce the machine wear and prolong service life. Waterproof is heavier.
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