The glass produced by the glass edging machine has big and small heads. Talking about the mechanical repair process

by:Enkong     2022-07-17

After the glass edger has been used for a period of time, if the level is uneven, the ground glass will be one big and the other small. The reasons are as follows:

1. The feet of the glass bracket are not fixed, and it is easy to shift when grinding large glass, resulting in a difference in level. It is necessary to correct the bracket.

2. The machine that has been used for a long time only needs to replace a small part of the square glue of the conveyor chain. When the old and new square glue is used together, the height is different, which leads to the size of the glass produced by grinding. It is necessary to replace all the square glue or simply replace the entire conveyor chain.

3. The conveyor chain causes the level to be uneven. The conveyor chain at the end of the glass inlet and the conveyor chain at the end of the glass outlet are not in a straight line with the front and rear platens. First, adjust the height of the guide rail at the glass inlet end, so that the 2500-long glass can be edged from beginning to end. It has been conveyed on the conveyor chain attached to the guide rail. If the glass on the conveyor chain of the glass glass edging machine under the pressure transfer plate leaves the conveyor chain and is lifted up in the air, it is necessary to lower the guide rail stroke screw on the right A-frame until it is flat. If If the glass tail on the rightmost conveyor chain of the machine is lifted (vacant), the guide rail travel screw on the right A-frame needs to be raised until it is flat, and the adjustment level of the conveyor chain on the left side of the machine is also reasoned according to this principle.

Most of the failed mechanical parts and equipment of the glass glass edging machine can be repaired. It is of great significance to rationally use the repair technology in the machine repair work. Generally speaking, repairing parts is more economical than replacing new parts, which can reduce spare parts reserves and reduce replacement parts. manufacturing, saving resources and costs, and reducing downtime for maintenance.

The equipment required for the repair process is generally not expensive, and most enterprises can afford it. Therefore, the enterprise maintenance department should be equipped with certain technical strength and equipment, develop its own repair technology, and use socialization and specialization. The technical expertise of the equipment maintenance enterprise will receive good technical and economic effects.

There are many types of repair processes. The more commonly used methods are scraping, grinding, mechanical repair, plastic deformation, electroplating, spraying, welding, viscosity, etc. The following factors should be considered when choosing a repair process:

①Applicability to the material of the parts.

②It can reach the thickness of the repair layer.

③ Influence on the physical properties of parts.

④ Influence on the strength of parts.

⑤ Influence on the accuracy of parts.

⑥Some repair processes are also limited by the structure of the parts.

In recent years, electroplating, spraying, welding, viscosity and other technologies have made great progress, and have been widely used in equipment maintenance, greatly improving the technical level and application scope of parts repair.

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