The glass processing industry has higher and higher requirements for the quality of equipment

by:Enkong     2021-04-07
Our country has become one of the most sought-after markets in the global glass machinery industry, and large global companies are scrambling to grab the beach. Glass Machinery Network believes that the promotion strategies of these large enterprises have undergone profound changes, and they have chosen to build factories in our country to expand the market. In order to cope with these changes, Glass Machinery Network believes that development in the fierce competition requires improvement of market capabilities and a strong entry into the era of brand promotion. In the future, if the company is to become a leader in the global machine tool market, the company's equipment structure will undergo major adjustments. Continue to promote the social transfer of low-end glass edging machine products, and make the new five types of equipment the mainstream equipment in the market, and the mid-to-high-end equipment will reach the global level within three years. To accomplish the above goals, we must keep up with the relevant supporting industries in China. Objectively speaking, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, one of the primary goals of the glass machinery industry is to promote the industrialization of CNC systems and functional components. From Ru0026D and manufacturing to market recognition, domestic high-end glass edging machines still have a long way to go. High-end glass edging machines cannot be made by imitating. Due to the lack of talents and technology of our country's high-end glass edging machines, the large-scale import of foreign high-end glass edging machines will not change in the short term. Many companies lack motivation and urgency for skill innovation. Glass Machinery Network said that in the past few years, our Chinese machine tool companies can make good profits by doing low-end equipment. However, the Ru0026D and manufacturing of high-end glass edging machines is high and the risk is high. After weighing, many companies are somewhat comfortable with the status quo. . The glass machinery network estimates that as our Chinese industry continues to upgrade, it may force companies to increase investment in high-end glass edging machines. It is estimated that many improvements will be made in the latter part of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, making my country unable to make many high-end glass machinery. To complete autonomy. For these, the domestic high-end glass edging machine is obviously lacking in confidence. Everyone in the glass machinery industry knows the meaning of the automotive glass market. Based on years of experience, usually nearly half of the domestic glass edging machines are used in the automotive glass industry. But sadly, domestic glass edging machines rarely enter these high-end areas. In recent years, our country has given a lot of policy support to the glass machinery industry, making Chinese machine tool companies dare to make efforts in the high-end market. In practice, my country’s glass machinery industry is not lacking in high-end technology, nor is it lacking in high-end equipment. If now, the reason why imported glass machinery still monopolizes the high-end market is attributed to the ability and technical level. Since last year, the increase in demand in China's glass machinery industry has slowed down, and many glass machinery companies have already felt this. With the transformation and upgrading of my country's national economy, the explosive increase in the pre-industrial needs is imminent, and the glass processing industry will have higher and higher equipment level and quality requirements. my country's high-end glass edging machine market will surely become a strategy for military experts. High ground.

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