The geometrical accuracy requirements of the glass edging machine are used in different artistic glass

by:Enkong     2022-07-18

For the glass glass edging machine, its geometric accuracy should meet the following standard requirements.

1) Conveyor belt straightness tolerance: 0.15mm/500mm.

2) Straightness tolerance of rear guide rail transmission: 0.10mm/500mm.

3) Tolerance of synchronous movement of front beam: 0.20mm.

4) The axial runout of the grinding wheel shaft is not more than 0.05mm in the radial runout.

Before the inspection, adjust the horizontal position of the main engine, conveyor chain and glass support frame.

With the improvement of people's living standards, glass edging machines have higher requirements for various quality of life. Therefore, in some large cities, many people choose to use some relatively high-end art when decorating their houses. Glass is used to decorate one's own space, which is why the demand for various art glass is growing rapidly. Then, as everyone's requirements for art glass increase, it also leads to higher and higher requirements for glass edging machines.

So, how can a glass edging machine be able to design artistic glass with higher requirements? Xiaobian will introduce some more scientific methods for you here. First of all, we must have a very intuitive understanding of different artistic glass, that is, what we understand now. There are those related art glass, so that the glass edging machine that meets the actual requirements can be better designed.

1. Flat glass: the most basic kind of glass products, the surface is flat.

2. Opal glass: A glass in which one or more colors are mixed and combined in white porcelain to create a colorful effect that allows different levels of light to pass through.

3. Corrugated glass: It is a kind of glass with different textures pressed by rollers on the surface of glass with irregular curves, or pressed with a grained abrasive tool.

4. Transparent stained glass: transparent glass, single-color flat glass, smooth surface or textured, etc.

5. Pearlescent glass: During the processing, a layer of metallic crystal-like film is bonded to the glass, so that the surface of the glass has a pearl-like color.

6. Spotted glass: Effectively control the components in the opaque glass, so that some annular opaque areas appear in the glass, (annular spots) give people a spotty visual effect. Small spots.

7. Dream glass: an opaque glass with a surface like ice or wax, the color is like melting in the ice fog, and it feels very bright. The appearance of this kind of glass was once called the revolution of stained glass.

Through the above classification of art glass, we know that if we want to design different types of glass edging machines more scientifically, we should have a very clear understanding of the requirements for manufacturing corresponding art glass. Only by improving the processing accuracy of the glass edging machine can glass equipment manufacturers be able to manufacture related equipment that meets actual needs, so that the related glass processing equipment produced by the enterprise can be more beloved by customers.

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