The general operating glass cutting machine process and pay attention to the point

by:Enkong     2020-12-31
First of all to wear gloves, safety glasses, and iron shoes. Then open the power switch, open the operating procedures, to return to the mechanical origin, and then return to the point. Load the need to use the program. The confirmation process. Mobile raw glass. Blowing button will float glass on the table, free to move. After the glass position, press the stop button, breathe in and then press the switch, the glass firmly fixed in the designated position, in order to achieve the best effect. When the cutting is finished, press the stop button the switch on the inhale. Then move the whole piece of cut glass to identify the stage ( Open points in front of the mobile platform blower switch, ensure clean) the table 。 Then separate the surrounding material, and then according to the tags will them into small pieces. In the 80 - inch wide place to insert a small piece of glass. It is forbidden to not interlaced ChaJia. You must use the air gun clean cutting machine and the child. And then put down timber production. Operation process glass cutting machine, we need to slowly summarized in practice, master the knowledge is very helpful for our users. Keep cutting machine clean to prevent all kinds of pathological changes. The pathological changes of the cutting machine is caused by all kinds of pollution and damp, so we should not only responsible for it. In order to keep the machine clean, its surface should be kept dry.
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