The function of the glass cutting machine assembly line is introduced

by:Enkong     2021-01-12
Glass cutting machine assembly line its working principle is to cut glass from conveyor belt to work on the stage. First of all, the machine will glass in place. Diamond grinding wheel cutting head through the program control, along the X direction and Y direction respectively, cutting substrates. Machine tool control part adopts CNC motion control card, transmission part adopts advanced ac servo motor. 1, at the bottom of the frame material selection national standards for manganese profile steel bridge, and aging treatment after welding forming. The steel has good comprehensive mechanical performance, plasticity and welding performance. Specially derusting processing, remove rust stain and oxide layer. The underlying spraying advanced epoxy primer, surface spraying senior automotive paint. 2 equipment through analyzing the structure of the professional software, guarantee the stability of the machine, dynamic balancing machine and mechanical strength to achieve the perfect coordination, and ensure the workbench structure deformation; 3, has a key reset function. Press the touch screen to complete all the preparation work before starting the automatically, greatly improving the work efficiency; 4, the whole cable, trachea layout reasonable, seal integrity; 5, reduce oil supply methods: double oil ( Divided into general cutting oil and high-grade cutting oil) With, and air filter device, ensure clean cutting oil, automatic refueling in cutting, and synchronization with the knife, Two kinds of cutting oil can also be at the same time, mainly for TCO, low E glass) ; 6, guide and high-speed mute linear guide rail, cutting high accuracy, low noise; 7, driving parts adopt advanced Japan yaskawa servo motor, reliable performance, little error and high efficiency; 8, cutting operation in Japan SMC proportional electromagnetic valve, automatically adjust the pressure, according to the thickness of the glass cutting head rotated 360 °, buffer knife cutting (up and down Can accurately cut any straight lines and various special-shaped glass) , cutting head is equipped with climbing wheel, can effectively prevent accidental damage to the cutter assembly and glass; 9, segment has the protection function. If out of the cutting tools on the outside of the glass or glass clearance, the program will automatically stop, to prevent damage to parts and glass; 10, transmission device, the synchronous automatic conveying device, convenient for glass and transportation; 11) Positioning device, photoelectric scanning positioning system, mechanical positioning;
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