The expansion of glass edging machine is technology and service

by:Enkong     2022-01-02

The expansion of glass edging machines is technology and service. In the past, the glass industry has been in a downturn. It didn’t start to turn around until 2016. However, the current glass production and processing enterprises’ The demand is also the same. Although the equipment industry is not growing as fast as other industries, it has always been steadily advancing in terms of time. The elimination cycle of glass machinery and equipment is generally 8-10 years, which means that the industry has stable and continuous demand.

The homogeneity competition in the glass machinery industry is serious, and the price war has led to thin market profits.

The concentration of my country’s glass machinery and equipment industry is not high. The number of enterprises is large but the scale of enterprises is small. There is still a gap with foreign industries. Preference for homogeneity, lack of core technology, processing performance and stability to be improved, or processing accuracy is not enough, or efficiency is low, or the failure rate is high, etc. However, the purchase of equipment by factories is not as casual as the general consumer goods industry or the tendency to pursue luxury , The glass manufacturing industry is a pragmatic industry, and the pursuit of machinery and equipment is a variety of tangible indicators such as processing accuracy, efficiency, quality, and stability.

In the fierce market competition environment, glass production and processing plants are competing for higher productivity and better product quality. Therefore, the more equipment technology of which equipment manufacturer meets the needs of customers, the more competition it will be force. In other words, what equipment companies need to do is to continuously improve their technical level, master core technologies, get rid of low-end homogeneity, and expand into high-end areas.

The transformation of glass glass edging machine requires time and experience accumulation. It is necessary for glass machinery to have core technology in the long run, but most companies may not be able to do it in the short term. Is it worth it? For example, once it is found that many customers' equipment has the same condition at a certain stage or a certain part is frequently replaced, proactively analyze whether there are defects in its own process, and if there is a process problem, immediately make improvements.

In addition, in the transaction of glass glass edging machine, the most intuitive feeling besides the product itself is service. However, the equipment industry has such a characteristic: customer stickiness is not strong, it is like a one-off sale, the payment is settled and the warranty period expires, everyone will clear the two.

So how to do a good job of service to improve customer stickiness? For example, you can regularly understand the key indicators of the equipment sold. If you find that you need to replace the parts, you can remind the customer, or even send the relevant parts to the customer; or the equipment's service life is 8 years, and the seventh year is reminded Customer equipment is about to expire and offer trade-in discounts. Will such a service bring itself a greater competitive advantage?

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