The effect of glass edging machine on glass deep processing

by:Enkong     2022-01-03

The effect of glass glass edging machine on deep processing of glass, analysis of the development trend of glass glass edging machine: The demand for plate glass increases by about 4% every year, of which 4.7% is used for architectural glass and 4.1% is used for special products. Glass, and 2% is used for automotive glass. Markets all over the world are striving to find machinery and equipment that can maintain high adaptability and high-quality output while ensuring low-cost production. One of the most important characteristics of the global glass machinery in 2004 is that it is faster, more flexible, and The accuracy is higher, and the corresponding is more economical.

Standardized basic parts and module structures are at the forefront of technological openness. Machinery and equipment manufacturers adapt to the different needs of globalization and export markets and use standardized basic parts and modular structures. In this way, machinery and equipment can be assembled according to the necessary basic functions or customized according to the needs of different customers. Our customers require the glass processing industry to be more flexible in various productions, but not at the expense of output. This in itself requires the proportion of mechanical equipment to have a modular structure. If the glass material is guaranteed to be refined by the mechanical equipment to the maximum extent Processing, then the glass manufacturer can be invincible in the market. Multiple developments in the manufacturing system will bring about a new revolution in technical equipment. Global automation and system linkage, and material transportation technology have taken one step closer to the goal of full automation and production system interconnection. Machinery manufacturers have also received more and more requests from glass manufacturers for mechanical innovation. Some even propose a glass processing line that can complete automated production with only one operation, which is what people often call the 'one-step method.'

At present, cold processing of glass deep processing is one of the main methods of glass machinery in my country. Glass edger and glass washer are the most widely used. They penetrate all walks of life, especially the construction industry and the automobile industry. . For the glass machinery industry, low carbon is to pursue an industry development path characterized by low emissions and achieve the development goal of green GDP.

The glass deep processing industry belongs to the resource- and energy-dependent raw material industry in the national economy. The basic feature of the industry is that raw materials cannot be separated from minerals, and production cannot be separated from thermal kilns. It has the industrial characteristics of both 'mining' and 'kiln industry'. To this end, we must take energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of a circular economy, and low carbon emissions as the central issues of industrial development. The glass machinery needs special treatment to remove the spray paint so that it will be zero emission in the later period.

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