The difference between the requirements of the glass edger and the edger

by:Enkong     2022-07-17

For the whole machine of glass glass edging machine, it should meet the following requirements.

1) The manual and automatic operating parts of the equipment should be portable, accurate and reliable.

2) Each motion mechanism should be accurate, reliable, and move smoothly, and there should be no obvious vibration, impact and crawling.

3) The cooling pump and lubricating pump should work normally, and the pipeline system should not be blocked or leaked.

4) The bearing part of the grinding head should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.

5) The noise of the whole machine is less than or equal to 85dB(A).

These two types of equipment are used in glass edging, one is a glass edging machine, the other is a glass glass edging machine, both of which can be used for edging glass, but the basic effects are different. So we must better distinguish and understand.

The difference between glass edging and edging can be seen literally one is grinding and the other is pulling. Edge edging is better understood than edging, and edging is mainly in the production process of glass.

Glass edging generally uses a glass edging machine to grind the edge of the glass. The glass edging machine grinds the sharp edge smoothly without hurting people. At the same time, the shape of the glass can be reprocessed with a special-shaped glass edging machine. Huaxing mainly Committed to the development and production of glass edging machines.

Glass edging is generally used in the production process of glass, and is mostly used for the production and molding of float glass.

The working principle of glass edge pulling.

That is, the two liquids have different specific gravity, one floats on the top, and the one with the larger specific gravity is formed in the tin bath below. The glass is spread out and drifted forward under the traction of the driving roller. Under a certain temperature system, relying on surface tension and gravity, the flattening and thinning are completed. After cooling, the glass is lifted by the transition roller table and leaves the tin bath and enters annealing. The kiln, finally through cross-cutting, inspection, boxing, and special technology, the float glass produced has the characteristics of good quality, many varieties, high output and long operation cycle.

Float glass can be roughly divided into the following two types: .

Colorless and transparent float glass: Transparent float glass is a molten glass that is uniformly melted and enters the tin bath through the flow channel. Made by external force pulling and temperature adjustment.

Glass edge features: .

1. The surface is smooth without ripples and has good perspective.

2. The specifications can be elastically matched to reduce the loss of slices.

3. Materials for manufacturing various processing levels can be provided.

The difference between glass edging and glass edging: .

1. Different uses: glass edging is the reprocessing of glass, and glass edging is a production process.

2. The time is different: glass edging is used after the glass production is completed, and glass edging is used in the glass production process.

3. The machines are different: glass edging machines are mostly used for edging, and glass edging machines are used for edging.

The edging machine can be divided into: glass linear edging machine, glass linear bevelling machine, special-shaped edging machine, crystal steel door glass edging machine, cabinet glass edging machine, etc.

The edge drawing machine is divided into: glass edge drawing machine, glass edge curling machine, etc.

4. Different products: edging is adjusted on the basis of the inherent glass products, and edge pulling is to directly produce a certain type of glass products.

The difference and principle of the glass edging machine and the edge pulling machine are like this. The actual use of the glass glass edging machine must be used after understanding.

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